The Amazing Burgundy Hair Color

Tuesday, 8 January 2013
burgundy hair outdoors in the sunlight
What an amazing shade! It's the color of an incredibly delicious, sweet tasty wine and of deep, dark, velvet like red colored roses. I’m talking about burgundy. A perfect middle ground between red, brown and black hair. Add purple tones to any of the above and what you get is the beautiful and intriguing burgundy hair color.

"What color should I dye my hair next?"

Maybe you get tired of your black or dark brown hair and red gives you the wink. Hmmm. Still, not all the way red but a little bit of red tint sure sounds like an interesting change. Or perhaps you already have a red hair color. Or light brown ? And you feel it's time to go for a darker shade but...well...not something completely dark ? You always have to decide what's best for you. Nevertheless, burgundy is a gorgeous option !

Plus you won't have to worry about hot trends or anything. Because this splendid hue seems to be a steady climbing trend, starting few years back. And I'm sure you can remember celebrities like Emma Stone or Rihanna that went for a wine colored hair, not a long time ago.

burgundy hair on olive-toned skin

From the genuine, true red burgundy and to the deep or dark shades of it, more or less vibrant, the options are plenty and they all look impressive. I love them all ! Also because this particular color makes other people to perceive you as a confident and daring person. Yes, you can be sure it has that effect.

Women with an olive tone skin are quite lucky, because a burgundy colored hair works best with this type of skin. That’s a fact. This doesn’t mean it won’t go well with other skin tones. Of course, you are free to experiment. Though in case of a cool-toned skin, I believe it’s not recommended at all.

“Is burgundy hair suitable for black women ? Does it look good on women with dark skin ?”

Well, in this case, I would talk about Rihanna again. You already know how she loves to change her look quite often, showing us inspiring hairstyles and colors. And she always looks fantastic. Every time. And luckily, she’s the answer to your question, because she had her hair dyed burgundy a while ago (both red and deep shades, on different occasions). And that makes her the perfect model for you to witness how fabulous this color can look on black women.

burgundy hair color on black women
Regardless the skin tone and what not, or whatever new color you chose next for your hair, it’s a smart idea to look around for inspiration and maybe some advice, before you do. Because it’s always a good thing to be prepared, right ? Right ! You can find below few words, stories and even pictures, from real people, who went for the burgundy hair color and see what they have to say and show for it.

Ginger is a beautiful English teacher, showing her results using Revlon's Colorsilk in Burgundy  and how different it can look indoor and outdoor.

And here is Stephanie Nguyen, a talented blogger and jewelry artist, who wrote an excellent post about DIY Burgundy Plum.

Enjoy ! 


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