The Amazing Burgundy Hair Color

Tuesday, 8 January 2013
burgundy hair outdoors in the sunlight
What an amazing shade! It's the color of an incredibly delicious, sweet tasty wine and of deep, dark, velvet like red colored roses. I’m talking about burgundy. A perfect middle ground between red, brown and black hair. Add purple tones to any of the above and what you get is the beautiful and intriguing burgundy hair color.

Blue Lipstick ? How Did They Come Up With That ?

Thursday, 22 September 2011
Some find it unusual, an oddity even. Yet others would love to try it out. Blue lipstick is an intriguing choice. I’ve seen beautiful results when in the hands of skillful makeup artists. But then again I could also witnessed how bad it looks when poorly used. Such an unforgiving hue, that you will either make a stunning impression or it will mess up your look so badly, you won’t get unnoticed. Still, how did they come up with this color ?